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Författare:  karpati [ 2019 05 04, 17:33 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Telexkoppel

Hej.Är det någon som har monterat telexkoppel nr.111993.Jag har monterat Sound decoder 60993 på lok Ue 499 Märklin.Nu vill jag montera telexkoppel på den men vi har problem med det hur gör vi?

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Författare:  To1973 [ 2019 05 04, 22:53 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: Telexkoppel


the black cable arrives at U + [Märklin orange cable or ESU / DCC blue cable]
- The gray cable comes to the switching output of the decoder.

The decoder output must be an autom. Power reduction can be performed - with the new Märklin decoders mLD / mSD can be set by CV programming.
I connect my telex couplings as you described in the inbox. However, with one addition: I dimme the output to "100" (a column above the setting for new telex), so you have quasi activated a resistor in the mSD. Even with this setting, the telex clutch works fine and does not get warm anymore!
Then the decoder must be programmed to drive the telex coupling correctly. Since I did not find documentation for this, I found out by experimenting on the following configuration that fits my previous experience (hypotheses based on observation):
* Mode - CV 118 (AUX1), CV 121 (AUX2) to value 15: In this mode, full power initially seems to be on the output for a short moment to activate the telex clutch. Since then a lower voltage seems to be sufficient to keep the Telexkupplung open, the voltage then drops (according to the dimmer setting) to a lower holding voltage
* Dimmer - CV 119 (AUX1), CV 122 (AUX2) to value 125: With this value, the holding voltage for safe operation of the telex coupling seems sufficient
* Period - CV 120 (AUX1), CV 123 (AUX2) to value 80: According to my observations, the output in mode 15 switches off automatically after the Dauuer defined in period CV. Thus, overheating of the solenoid and thus damage to the Telexkupplung is avoided. For the duration the following formula seems to apply: Duration Output active = Value CV Period * 50 ms.

I have this from German Forum


Good luck

Författare:  karpati [ 2019 05 08, 20:30 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: Telexkoppel

Hej igen.Jag skrev fel decodernummer det skall vara 60977.

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